Sunday, January 6, 2008


Some excellent news - renowned international filmmaker Wim Wenders ("Paris, Texas", "Wings of Desire", "The American Friend", "The Million Dollar Hotel"...just to name a few) is officially on board as our executive producer for "First Page Taipei". It's an amazing honor to have him help guide the project - and should give us another big push as we continue with financing and preproduction.

I've spent the last month or so shooting a "making of" on another local feature called "Parking"("停車") starring Taiwanese stars Chang Chen and Kuai Lun Mei. It's been interesting working again on a Taiwanese set, but I was reminded again that the filmmaking process here is really not all that different from back in the US.

I've also been directing a commercial and (slowly) translating/rewriting the "First Page Taipei" script into Chinese with the help of my friend Eli.


Sam Lem said...

Amazing. Congrats.

Chris said...

Dude arv. Seriously awesome man. Seriously. Hope you are well.