Monday, December 8, 2008

Manhattan in Taipei

The Spot Theatre in Taipei is having a mini-film festival/retrospective this month of Ingmar Bergman films. I took some friends to see "Wild Strawberries" last week (my favorite Bergman film), but unfortunately, they pretty much slept through the entire film.

The next day, however, I brought the same friends to see "Manhattan" (interestingly enough, they programmed two Woody Allen films as part of this Bergman thing, the other being his Bergman homage "Interiors"). Actually, despite being one of my favorite films, I had never seen "Manhattan" on film before. The print was pretty old and fucked up, but just seeing the film was beyond awesome...the Gershwin score, Gordon Willis' gorgeous black and white anamorphic compositions, the timelessness of New York, that classic bittersweet ending...and seeing that last close up of Muriel Hemingway on the was heartbreaking.

My friends all loved "Manhattan" of course. I'm glad, cause I plan on ripping off "Manhattan" as much as possible in this film...

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Miss J said...

"Manhattan" is great, so is "Interior."